Design Process

Website Design Process


The hardest thing about doing any type of design work is understanding someone else’s vision.

Let’s have a chat about the following steps that will assist the process. Dont stress, it’s only a chat.

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself or your organisation.
  2. Explain the purpose of your website.
  3. Write up a list of what you want a visitor to do at your site.
  4. Create at least a rough outline of the pages and content you want on the site.
  5. Play around with color schemes until you find several that appeal to you and let me know what color scheme you like.
  6. Most importantly find several examples of sites that you like and send me a list of links. The site’s content is unimportant just please pay attention to layout and styling.
  7. If you can’t find any websites that you like in either layout to styling we’ll talk about a complete custom set-up.

In addition to the above information I will need to know the following in order to put together an accurate quote:

  1. How many different page layouts do you require?
  2. What is your timeframe?
  3. Do you require ecommerce integration?